Sultan Kudarat Muscovado Farmers and Millers Corporation (SKMFMC)

The Sultan Kudarat Muscovado Farmers and Millers Corporation is a local consolidator of muscovado sugar based in President Quirino, Sultan Kudarat. It has maintained its production level over the years by collaborating with 9 individual consolidators, who are also stockholders of the SKFMC. Aside from the 9 local consolidators, SKFMC has 2 other stockholders that are primary cooperatives selling directly through local outlets.

SKMFMC was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in March 8, 2006 with 11 millowners, muscovado producers as shareholders. It employs direct and indirect workers from farm production to muscovado processing which are estimated at 1,935. As distributor, SKMFMC employs workers to assist in the processing and distribution.

Since 2006, SKMFMC was able to supply the muscovado requirements of national distributors like Marisco, FPSDC and GlowCorp. GlowCorp serves as the biggest market of the corporation. Supplying the national distributors enabled the increase of muscovado prices in the locality. From Php14.00 per kilogram in 2004, the price of its quality muscovado has since increased more than 464%. The good price of muscovado provided its farmers more income. In the 2015 Impact Study conducted by GlowCorp, the changes in farmers’ income was manifested in the following: 1.) parents were able to send their children to school, 2.) households were able to acquire assets like appliances, 3.) renovated their houses from nipa to semi-concrete, and, 4.) bought motorcycles for other income generating activity (habal-habal). SKMFMC is considered one of the biggest producers and suppliers of muscovado sugar in the country.


To become the leading corporation producing quality and organic muscovado for local and export markets.


  • Provide efficient milling and reliable services to organic muscovado producers in Mindanao
  • To become profitable and sustainable enterprise selling quality and organic muscovado sugar
  • To promote organic farming through continuous education of the farmers to achieve the highest possible earnings.


  • To increase membership and production to be able to expand markets.
  • To improve quality of muscovado sugar to comply with global standards.
  • To generate maximum profit.
  • To continuously enhance skills of producers and workers to provide substantial benefits.
Cornelio E. Castañeda, Jr.
President/General Manager


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