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“Live a healthy life. Support Local!” What does it really mean?

“Live a healthy life. Support local!” You must have seen this all over GlowCorp’s marketing publications online. Surely, this is a marketing strategy and it is called a USP.

USP or Unique Selling Proposition, sometimes also called Unique Selling Point, is a powerful way for businesses to communicate the value of its brand and emphasize differences against others, thus must be unique. Further, it is a definition of where the brand lies within the market given how it is able to articulate the benefits of a particular product. A USP reveals a brand’s competitive edge which is an important step in marketing to establish a positive impression to the consumers in a memorable way.  With GlowCorp’s establishment involving local and organic farmers, it formulated its USP by highlighting its advocacy in organic farming as well as its commitment to supporting the backbone of our country. Although the market for organic and local products has long been emerging in the Philippines, GlowCorp’s USP has much more to offer about its products to consumers, and services to its supplier-partners.

Commitment to sustainable development and to the success of Filipinos. These are just two of GlowCorp’s corporate values, which are interrelated and are both closely linked with the organization’s USP. The commitment to sustainable development as a core value responds to the development of organic farming in the country as one of the best strategies for many other reasons aside from just living healthy. Through the lens of GlowCorp, organic farming is also a way to care for the environment and allow for farmers’ economic freedom. Simply put, this is already a manifestation of supporting locals. This way, GlowCorp is able to practice its social responsibility to care for the community, and even the nation it belongs to. In relation to that is GlowCorp’s value to help Filipinos succeed since supporting local also means strengthening the local economy by creating more jobs and continuing to support the marginalized sector including small farmers and social enterprises. In other words, simple is powerful. “Live a healthy life. Support local!” is GlowCorp’s simple USP to highlight its uniqueness deep-rooted in its core values.


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