GlowCorp’s Best-selling Products

By Catherine dela Angela, UPLB Intern

In 2021, due to GlowCorp’s transactions with Robinsons Supermarket for its Healthy You brand, Organic Rice became the best-selling product of GlowCorp wherein black rice, red rice, and brown rice all increased in both revenue and volume. This is followed by muscovado which is the best-selling product of GlowCorp the previous year, cocosugar, and adlai.

Organic Rice:

Organic rice is grown in an ecologically friendly way without the usage of pesticides or any chemical fertilizers. Black rice in particular, is rich in antioxidants and a great source of several nutrients such as protein, iron, and fiber (McGrane, 2019). Red rice is good for bone health and a great source of several nutrients such as iron, fiber, vitamins B1 and B2, and calcium (Gupta, 2021). Brown rice on the other hand, due to its low glycemic index (GI), can reduce the risk of diabetes. it is also rich in phenols and flavonoids which are a type of antioxidant (Brennan, 2020).

Muscovado Sugar:

Muscovado sugar contains minerals and antioxidants due to its molasses content. Antioxidants are substances that protect the cells caused by free radicals which can cause heart disease (Sachdev, 2021).



Due to the small amount of inulin fiber that coconut sugar contains, it can prevent blood sugar spikes. It could also prevent low blood sugar levels and hypoglycemia which is a condition where you feel nauseous, dizzy, shaky, and sweaty (Brennan, 2020).


The carbohydrate content of adlai is lower than brown and white rice and it is rich in dietary fiber and protein. It is also high in iron, phosphorus, calcium, thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin, while it has zero sugar and sodium content (Arnaldo, 2021).




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