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GlowCorp grows by 8% in revenue despite impact of COVID-19

The Global Organic & Wellness Corporation, a farmer-led corporation, is expected to grow by 15% despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic to livelihoods and enterprises in the country.

From last year’s sales of over Php84M, GlowCorp recorded a revenue of Php91M in 2020. The increase in sales was due to the surge in demand od organic rice, muscovado sugar, 8 of the most in-demand products of GlowCorp.

Muscovado remains to be the biggest contributor to its sales, followed by organic rice and coco sugar.

Expanding product line was a factor in increasing revenue for the company. GlowCorp added five (5) products in the last two years, including Tagbanua’s Best Roasted Cashew, Island’s Best Calamansi Concentrate, Triple L Banana Chips, Ginger 45 Turmeric and Ginger 45 Salabat.

Aggressive marketing strategy helped in expanding the reach and increase in volume traded. In 2020, GlowCorp’s products are marketed in over 600 major outlets, an increase from previous year of 590 outlets. Puregold remains the biggest client with 202 outlets, followed by SM (173 outlets), Rustan’s (83 outlets), and Metro Gaisano (37 outlets).

GlowCorp projected a better scenario for 2021 with rebound in sales and income targets as the country continues to recover from economic impact of COVID-19.


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