Four Variants of Healthy You Now in Robinsons Supermarkets

By Catherine dela Angela, UPLB Intern

Healthy You is a private label of Robinsons Supermarkets. A private label or simply called a house brand is the marketing strategy of most supermarkets in the Philippines to offer cheaper yet quality products comparable to private labels offered by distributors and marketing companies. These products are competitively priced because supermarkets get these at a cheaper cost and suppliers are not required to participate in expensive promotional activities. These supermarkets, in most cases, are responsible for extensive marketing to ensure that products under the Healthy You brand are well promoted. 

Robinsons Supermarkets has a number of private labels and one of these is the Healthy You. Robinsons Supermarket has partnered with GlowCorp to provide its customers with Healthy You Brown Rice (2kgs and 5kgs), Healthy You Black Rice (2kgs), and Healthy You Red Rice (2kgs) to 203 outlets nationwide.


Robinsons Supermarkets is one of the major supermarkets in the country and are strategically located in major cities across the Philippines. With Robinsons, GlowCorp was able to source its colored rice to more farmers in Bulacan and Camarines Sur. For 9 months in 2020, GlowCorp was able to purchase 111 metric tons of colored rice from SKK based in Libmanan, Magarao Cooperative from the municipality of Magarao, and Pecuaria Development Cooperative, both from Camarines Sur, and Joyful Garden Farmers Association from Bulacan to support the Healthy You brand. At least 1,000 farmers directly benefit from GlowCorp’s transactions with these 4 farmers’ organizations.

Moreover, because of this transaction with Robinsons Supermarket, by the end of the year 2021, GlowCorp’s revenue from organic rice increased by a total of 28 percent, while in terms of volume, the transaction increased by 37 percent.

The continuing presence of GlowCorp in more than 950 outlets nationwide and in the digital markets has provided at least 6,500 farming households access to better markets. More than Php400M worth of organic and processed products have been purchased from these farmers since 2010.


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