Antique Federation of Cooperatives (AFCCUI)

The Antique Federation of Cooperatives (AFCCUI) is a cooperative movement introduced in the Province of Antique by the Mill Hill Missionaries headed by Msgr. Cornelio De Wit. It is a federation of 15 cooperatives formed and registered on September 24, 1969. Mr. Romeo Gilo was elected as its first Chairperso

At present, AFCCUI has 49 cooperative members and affiliates. It is engaged in the following services: credit and savings, institution building and cooperative enterprise. The lending program provides the primary cooperative with liquidity fund-form relief and access to credit by individual entrepreneurs through its Inter-lending System (ILS), Salary Loan and Micro Finance Program. The Institution Building (IB) Program has training and consultancy, as well as bookkeeping services. The Cooperative Enterprise Program (ECP) operates the Pasalubong Center, The Venue, events and promotions, catering services, lodging and cooperative assurance center.

As a support to its member-cooperatives, AFCCUI opened a pasalubong store in San Jose, Antique. It now becomes a venue for its enterprising cooperatives to promote their products. Products being sold are Bugnay Wine, Passion Fruit Wine, Ampalaya Otap, Banana Chips, Muscovado Sugar, Bandi, Roasted Cashew Nuts, Ginger Tea, Malungay Capsule, Malungay Otap, Malungay Powder, Malungay Extract with VCO, Muscovado Sugar Stick, Taro Chips, Instant Turmeric Tea, Tamarind Candy, Tablea, Turmeric Capsule, Turmeric Tea, Virgin Coconut Oil, Wall Décor, Key Chain, Women’s Accessories, Rattan Belt Bag, Bracelet, Pandan Bag, Rattan Bag and Souvenir T-Shirts.


Leading in Self-Reliance and Quality Service by Strong Cooperatives.


To be a provider of the responsive and best coop-services.

Feliza E. Labrador, MPA


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